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Tired of standardized on-line booking that offer you to sleep in any unappealing hotels?

Would you like to find THE little secret place, which is going to make a huge difference for your next trip?

You are on the right website, do not change anything!!!

The hotels we offer on Colonial Atmosphere are places full of history, which are the pride of their owner and their employees, who give meaning to the journey. Because they are pieces of the history of the country visited, they shed light on the local culture, make you want to read and discover a period of its history.

Whether historic home, former governor residence, converted tea factory or Maharaja palace, they invite you to a journey through time, to understand the current population that has been shaped by its history and traditions.
Would you like to find THE hidden gem which will make a huge difference to your next trip?You are on the right website, so don’t go anywhere!The hotels that we offer on Colonial Atmosphere.com are places full of history, the pride of their owner and their employees, who give meaning to the journey. As they are pieces of history of their country, they shed light on the local culture and make you want to read and discover a period of its time.


And above all, we do not practice doublespeak; We are also sensitive to cleanliness and service, without which charm can not operate! Our selection of hotels is not only a journey into space but also a journey through time! A warm welcome and impeccable customer service and a high level of luxury must complement this unique atmosphere.

The size of the hotel does not matter provided that the atmosphere we are looking for is there.

At Colonial Atmosphere.com, we favour independence and we are not bound to any hotel chain or brand. No one can pay to be on our website!

Galle Fort Hotel, Galle, Sri Lanka

Our goal is to be a source of inspiration for customer travel. We will guide you through emotional information (pictures, movies, stories) as well as rational (others customers reviews, ranking of international organisations). And most importantly, we put you in direct contact with the hotel of your choice, without commission or intermediary. At Colonial Atmosphere, we believe that the hotelier is the only one who can respond perfectly to your needs, to offer you a personalized service from A to Z.

Our site relies on expat networks in each country to find the rare gem. Who better than someone who lives in the country could select the best hotels, in line with our European standards, and exuding that charm of yesterday that we are so fond of!

Official Launching of our website


For our official launching in Dubai, on October 24th 2017, we couldn’t find a better location than the only historic hotel of Dubai. It was a beautiful evening in the courtyard of the XVA Art Hotel & Gallery, in the historical district of Al Fahidi, closed to Dubai Creek. It is exactly for places like this one that we have created Colonial Atmosphere !

A big thank you to all of the people who came to our event and made this day so special!


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