Heritage Suites – Colonial Atmosphere


Heritage Suites
Siem Reap Cambodia


Although recent, the Heritage combines tradition and modernity with great taste. The modern entrance hides behind a neo-colonial façade. The suites are arranged around a central patio, which leads to the swimming pool in a nice garden. Each room has an exotic and modern decoration, the tone of which is given by the name of the suite itself. The whole is luxurious and peaceful.

20 suites (including 3 family suites very large) and 6 rooms, plus some luxurious tents for an outdoor experience close to the Angkor temples!

The two-floor restaurant is located at the entrance of the hotel and includes a bar. This is also where concerts and traditional dance performances take place when the outside area is too humid. Chef Viol Boun will delight you with Khmer cuisine revisited with haute cuisine twist.

A nice swimming pool surrounded by greenery, Spa at the entrance of the hotel (subcontracted to the best brand of the city), a 15 minutes massage is offered with your room for 2 people, Jazz concerts on Thursday, Apsara dance On Tuesday, vintage Mercedes that picks you up at the airport; everything is planned to put you in the Colonial Atmosphere!!! The shop offers an excellent selection of handicrafts (including beautiful elephants in lacquered terra-cotta!). Live music by the pool every Saturday night for a relaxing evening out. Quad bike tours, sunrise picnics and romantic lake cruises, everything is possible in this hotel! Last but not least, the Heritage Suite is highly implicated in sustainable projects and local craft development through local and international NGO.


Wat Polangka - Phum Slok Kram, Siem Reap [Angkor], Cambodia 93101, Cambodge

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