Sala Lodge – Colonial Atmosphere


Sala Lodge
Siem Reap Cambodia


This very upscale hotel is a real jewel. Composed of ancient Khmer houses that have been reassembled in this peaceful and green place. Each house was decorated in an almost monastic simplicity with a small French Touch. Opened in 2013, one has the feeling that these houses have always been there …

The houses come from 3 different provinces and the oldest is from 1956. The patina of time has done wonderfully its work.

11 villas, including two family rooms (13 rooms in total)

An ultra trendy restaurant welcomes you in the new part at the entrance for a culinary experience that revisits traditional Khmer cuisine. Herbs and vegetables are produced locally in the garden. This all-concrete and modern materials contrast elegantly with the old houses.
The hotel also includes a lounge in the heart of the village, near the swimming pool and finally the possibility of a private and intimal dinner on the terrace of your villa.

Infinity pool, massage in your room, TV and DVD can be installed in your villa on request


Salakomreuk no. 498, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodge

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