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Jodhpur is the ancient capital of the kingdom of Marwar, whose proud warriors built the fortress of Mehrangarh as an eagle’s nest above the city in the fifteenth century.

Our arrival in the Blue City was made at night, but our hotel was so fabulous that we did not lose sight of the city and its citadel … (read more, RAAS Jodhpur).


In the area of the hotel, you can visit the Clock Tower Bazaar, also known as the Sardar Market, and also have a drink at the Spetwell Café, right above an amazing baoli.

Sardar Market


Seller at Sardar Market


The Blue City

As you pace the heart of the old city, you will understand where Jodhpur’s nickname is; the facades of most of the houses (originally only those belonging to the Brahmans) are painted with lime and indigo. To get there, take a tuk tuk because its narrow streets are not accessible by car. Do not hesitate to get lost in its narrow streets, the slightest door, the slightest corner is a subject of endless photo … As you can see, I had a real love at first sight for this city too often forgotten classic tours. Well worth a visit, you will not regret it!


The fortress of Mehangarh


It is a real stone lace, imperceptible from the city from which one sees only an impregnable citadel. The interior reveals a real scene of the thousand and one nights, succession of palaces, courtyards, and parts reserved for women, testimony of a courteous life of the sovereigns of Jodhpur. From there you will have an incredible view of the blue city and its surroundings. Note also all the guardians of the museum in their traditional outfit that lend themselves nicely to our whims of photographer!

There is a Tyrolean that leaves the fort and runs towards the blue city … if you are in search of adrenaline! Beware; there is a minimum size for children!

The museum shop has a very nice selection of objects and especially the permanent painters who create miniatures on old papers, stamped with the seal of the Maharajah!


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